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About Us

Allen T. Stehle, MS, CFE, PI

Allen Stehle is the Chief Executive Officer of Stehle Financial Protection. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a State of Maine licensed professional investigator (PI).

Allen has a diverse professional background in financial investigations, law enforcement, higher education, and business executive leadership. He is an accomplished problem solver and critical thinker and has a proven record of helping people improve and protect their financial position.

He has held field enforcement, investigative, and executive leadership enforcement positions in federal, state, county and municipal entities. He has served as a distinguished professor of accounting, business management and criminal justice programs and has developed many training programs and seminars for businesses. Allen has also served as president and chief executive officer for two post-secondary educational institutions.

Allen believes in fair play and operating business and personal affairs with the highest level of ethics and integrity. He accepts the role of protector and works to reduce victimization of individuals, businesses and vulnerable populations, especially the elderly.

Helping to protect the financial health of individual and businesses requires a two-pronged approach. First, a proactive approach is required to avoid a problem; second, a reactive approach is required to mitigate a problem should the need arise.

Stehle Financial Protection offers proactive educational and risk management services as well as reactive investigative and forensic accounting services.

Diane L. Willett, BS

Diane is a financial analyst and the staff accountant for Stehle Financial Protection.

She has extensive professional experience in accounting, reporting, and compliance for federal, state and veterans post-secondary educational financial aid programs. Her experience has included directorial duties for financial aid and campus management, staff accountant, payroll supervisor, creation of data management systems for reporting and auditing purposes, auditing and verification of applicant data records for accuracy, compliance audits with federal, state and accreditation agencies, as well as customer service liaison duties.