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Our Services

At Stehle Financial Protection, we provide the following services to attorneys, law enforcement agencies, businesses, agencies and individuals. Each case is taken on with integrity and professionalism.

Elder Financial Protection

  • Estate/beneficiary fraud or abuse
  • Personal representative fraud or abuse
  • Trustee fraud or abuse
  • Home contractor/health contractor/vendor/professional fraud or abuse
  • Financial self-defense educational training programs

Fraud Investigation/Forensic Accounting

  • Employee fraud investigations
  • Managerial fraud investigations
    • Financial statement fraud
    • Managerial fraud and embezzlement
    • Corporate officer fraud and embezzlement
    • Insurance claim fraud
    • Health care fraud
  • Civil case fraud investigations
  • Assist law enforcement in criminal case fraud investigations

Professional Investigation Services

  • Criminal case investigation
  • Civil case investigation
  • Cold cases
  • Locating hidden assets
  • Locating and interviewing witnesses in civil/criminal investigations
  • Insurance investigation of asset losses/business interruption claims

Business Services

  • Executive Leadership Services
    • Temporary Chief Executive Officer (CEO) services
    • Temporary Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services
  • Business training and educational programming
    • Risk management training programs
    • Strategic planning
    • Fraud and abuse self-defense training
    • Team building and employee relations training
    • Employee effective communications training
    • Customer service training
    • Business and employee ethics training

Financial Literacy Educational Programming

  • High school educational programs
  • Adult educational programs
    • Managing home budgets
    • Managing credit card and consumer debt
    • Job skills training
    • Career counseling services